3 Common DNS Misconfigurations That Can Decrease Your Clients Cybersecurity Protection By Up To 33%

Learn How To Fix These Misconfigurations Most MSPs Never Even Knew They Had

It’s no secret that a bad configuration can have serious consequences for your IT infrastructure. Pointing to the wrong network might mean what you think is working isn’t actually working. A poor deployment can also mean more work for you down the road. In this video, we’ll be tackling misconfiguration issues and how you can avoid them.

  • How the shift to remote work has INCREASED unknown misconfigurations and how to detect and correct them
  • How to block brand new, never-before-seen threats up to 59 hours before other content filtering providers.
  • The #1 strategy you MUST implement to protect against threats when using a VPN.
  • Discover the ONLY DNS threat protection that provides REAL-TIME domain analysis increasing cybersecurity protection.


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