Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola Answers MSPs’ Top Questions About The Datto Merger

In June, Kaseya closed on the acquisition of Datto for $6.2 billion.  As I stated in a previous article, “Here’s my promise: Investment in innovation and integrations will go up and prices will come down. Customers can expect significant workflow integrations and product investment to augment our IT Complete platform. The end goal – to help increase MSP efficiency and profitability.” 

Below I answer some top questions direct from MSPs. 

Will there be changes to customer contracts?   

No. Your day-to-day contacts will remain the same and we will continue to deliver the same high-quality, exceptional products and services customers have come to expect from us.  

How do you intend to reconcile the overlap in RMM, PSA, BDR, and other products?  

Integrations currently exist between Kaseya and Datto products, and we will continue to ensure a seamless experience for all customers. We will fully support all products, pour resources into them to strengthen every solution, and integrate them all into IT Complete. Customers will maintain the ability to choose, and all the options will continue to receive upgrades.  

Does this acquisition mean Kaseya will no longer sell to internal IT departments? If it does continue to sell to internal IT teams, will it be competing with the channel?  

Kaseya will continue to provide our products to both MSPs and internal IT teams as we have previously done. We highly value our channel partners and work hard to provide them with best-in-class solutions to ensure their success, as Kaseya only succeeds when our partners are successful.   


What is your response to MSPs who use both Kaseya and Datto products today and worry about having too much dependence on one vendor going forward?  

We’re confident that this partnership will provide the channel with innovative options that truly address channel-specific pain points. The workflow integrations already in development will increase MSP profitability and improve technician efficiency while the commercial integrations will eliminate vendor fatigue by augmenting our IT Complete platform.  

What if I have other questions? 

We answered a lot on our FAQ page.  You can also contact us if you have others.



Fred Voccola

Fred Voccola

Fred Voccola is the CEO of Kaseya, the leading provider of unified IT management and security software for MSPs and SMBs. As CEO, Fred leads the vision, strategy and growth of Kaseya and its family of brands.
Fred Voccola

Fred Voccola

Fred Voccola is the CEO of Kaseya, the leading provider of unified IT management and security software for MSPs and SMBs. As CEO, Fred leads the vision, strategy and growth of Kaseya and its family of brands.


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