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Having The Courage To Do Business On YOUR Terms

This article is sure to fire up some well-meaning person’s hackles when they adamantly deny that THEIR relationship with their customers and employees are constructed of mutual respect and servitude – and that’s great if it’s true and not abusive to you, the business owner.

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“Get A Job!”

Self-employed people don’t really need to be great at systems, or hiring, or management. Being an entrepreneur is a much more difficult and challenging venture to undertake, and it’s certainly NOT for everyone.

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How Winning Is Done

It is also my observation that this is true of all successful entrepreneurs. They embrace chaos and push through the problems, doing what’s necessary, not what’s convenient or easy. We don’t spend a lot of time trying to avoid work and obstacles. We just accept it as part of the process and embrace it.

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Don’t Blame Me

The “Covid cop-out” is yet another never-ending “Don’t blame me” game that is NOT an acceptable excuse nearly 3 years later.

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